The Drizzle is a step sequencer with interesting modulations and modes.
Here is a quick description of its inputs:

  • ROOT CV (CV input): This input’s voltage is added to the sequencer’s CV output.
  • CLK (Trigger input): Clock input. Activates the next step.
  • RST (Trigger input): Reset input. Activates the first step of the sequence.
  • BURST 1 (CV input): Controls the multiplication of pulses on GATE OUT.
  • BURST 2 (CV input): Simulates a multiplication of pulses on CLK to make the sequence go faster.
  • CV OUT: voltage output of the sequencer.
  • GATE OUT: is set to a high level in sync with CLK.
  • POST CLK (Trigger output): by default, sent as an End Of Cycle (EOC) signal.

Click : change playing directions

By default, the sequence is played from top to bottom.
Clicking the button cycles between the following directions:
– Top to bottom
– Bottom to top
– Ping-pong
– Random

Long press : switch looping mode

A long press on the button cycles between loop and single shot (chained mode). In the chained mode, the sequence is played, and when over, there is no automatic reset. All the input clock pulses are redirected to the POST CLK output, which allows chaining. A trigger on the RST input re-enables the sequencer.

Double click : mute buttons behavior

A double click switches between the following behaviors :
– A muted step is played, but the gate is not set to high
– A muted step is skipped, the next active step is directly played

Normal mode: when a switch is off (to the left), the step is skipped (i.e. the next step is directly played instead, there is no pause)
Muted gates: when a switch is off (to the left), the step is played, but the output gate is not activated.


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