A MIDI to gate converter, with MIDI-learn feature and clock subdivision.



Repentance is a MIDI to gate converter.

When it receives a MIDI “note on” it sets the corresponding channel to +5V, and a “note off” sets the channel back to 0V.

There is also a clock output, that sends 20ms triggers
synchronized with the MIDI clock signal (a MIDI “start” command resets the clock).

Repentance has a MIDI learn ability, so any MIDI note can be assigned to any output very quickly. One MIDI note can trigger several outputs.

The clock output can be configured to send triggers at subdivisions or multiples of the original clock.

It has a MIDI DIN input, 8 gate outputs and 1 clock trigger output.

This module takes its name from the heresy of using MIDI in an analog synth environment. Repentance allows you to be forgiven, by transforming digital to analog signals 🙂


  • MIDI learn
  • Input : MIDI DIN
  • 9 outputs : 8 gates + 1 clock trigger
  • Clock subdivision / multiplication
  • 8 HP

User manual

Likaon Instruments – Repentance user manual