The Mandala


A MIDI, 8-tracks, live-oriented euclidean sequencer



The Mandala is a MIDI 8-tracks euclidean step sequencer equipped with live-focused features.

Each track can have its own length, between 1 and 64 steps, and as we all know : happiness comes with polyrythms!

Steps can be defined an euclidean way, but also manually with a single click on the knob.

Tracks can be rotated around, shuffled, and muted with mechanical switches.

For live performance, 4 quick saves are available, so you can save the current state of the sequencer, play around, and come back in time by just pressing one button !

Patterns can also be saved into 16 persistent memories.

The Mandala can be configured as MIDI master (provides a midi clock through its MIDI out port) or MIDI slave (synchronizes with an external MIDI clock via its MIDI in port).

The MIDI notes can be output in two different ways :

  • On channel 1, one note per track : MIDI codes 36 (C2) to 43 (G2)
  • On channels 1 to 8 : MIDI code 60 (C4)

Here is an extensive video presentation by The Modular Clubhouse !

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  • Euclidean by default
  • 8 tracks with independent lengths (1 to 64 steps)
  • 16 memory slots for your presets
  • 4 temporary saves for live performance
  • 4 CV inputs to control the step count on first 4 tracks
  • 1 CV clock output
  • DIN and USB MIDI
  • 39 HP

User manual

Likaon Instruments – Mandala user manual